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 France Atelier offers financing solutions to help you acquire your workshop equipment, or to replenish your cash flow.










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Need cash? 2 solutions:

the subscription and/or leaseback

A subscription to equip your workshops

Notre offre d’abonnement vous permet d’acquérir du matériel via un abonnement mensuel « Services tout compris ». Vous rencontrez des difficultés de trésorerie ? Ici, vous n’avez plus à investir des sommes phénoménales pour acquérir les équipements dont vous avez besoin.

Leaseback or the takeover of your assets to replenish your cash flow

 France Atelier offers to buy back some or all of your workshop equipment and re-let it to you immediately, assuming as an option its maintenance, control, warranty and servicing.

A subscirption to equip your workshops

Our subscription offer allows you to purchase equipment through a monthly subscription; a clear and controlled operating budget with no obligation to renew. You have the possibility to renew your equipment to new every 3 years and to benefit from the most recent equipment.

The advantage of a subscription is not just the purchase of equipment at a lower cost. It is above all a support from A to Z! All equipment *: lifts, measuring and balancing devices, tire changers, compressors, gas evacuation, etc … are delivered, installed, guaranteed, maintained and annually checked by our team of chartered after-sales service, for a controlled monthly cost , and this for the duration of your subscription.

Support from A to Z

 Your equipment is taken care of with our user solution with a network of more than 100 after-sales services registered throughout France.

How to ensure the good financial health of your business?

 No more heavy investments and high debt ratios that hinder your growth. France Atelier’s financial offers are guaranteed security: regain budgetary control of your workshops, while opting for regular refurbishment!

 Approved by ORIAS (No. 20000861), France Atelier offers to buy back some or all of your workshop equipment and re-let you immediately.

Leaseback, in a nutshell?

Usually used in corporate finance operations, lease-backs quickly reinforce overdue cash. If the seller no longer owns the equipment, he retains use of it for the duration of the contract. On the basis of this simple principle, MRAs, dealers and other players in the fields of heavy goods vehicles and agriculture can thus transfer their equipment to France Atelier and benefit from an immediate cash gain with a check corresponding to the net book value of equipment sold to France Atelier.

Standard leaseback

You keep your workshop equipment. After auditing your equipment, France Atelier buys them back from you. You get immediate payment while keeping your material. You therefore keep the use of it through a controlled monthly subscription. No service is offered on this Standard Lease-Back offer.

Leaseaback PLUS

You keep your equipment and France Atelier offers you the benefit of a full service offering: maintenance, monitoring of regulatory checks, updates and a full guarantee. The operating procedure remains the same: audit of equipment, transfer of equipment to France Atelier, immediate payment to the customer and implementation of an all-inclusive subscription offer.

How does it work?

  • France Atelier business experts analyze the valuation of your equipment.
  • France Atelier establishes a suitable contract (duration, subscription, etc.).
  • You immediately get liquidity in exchange for the transfer of your equipment.
  • You keep and enjoy your equipment while keeping its use.
  • If you choose the Lease-Back Plus offer, you also benefit from a range of services

The workshops spend between 8 and 15% of their turnover on consumables. Adopting the Pro Space means you can save up to 20% on your consumables.

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