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An online platform to simplify and optimize the management of your workshops

Finding it hard to keep track of your consumable expenses? Is it complicated to follow the maintenance and regulatory checks of the equipment? France Atelier offers you to optimize the control and management of your workshops!










Local authority


 France Atelier has created a secure, fully customizable professional space to centralize and manage all your workshops. At a glance, you control your workshops thanks to a dashboard and specific color codes alerting you to irregularities.


Dashboards allow you to instantly identify your next maintenance and control operations or even the status of your consumption.

Quick to set up and without any installation required, the Espace Pro allows you to have total visibility in real time on the activity of your workshops. You define the role of your employees and allocate them to each decision-making and budgetary attribution. Thanks to advanced user rights management, you always have control over who does what, when, where and how.

Your dedicated myShop

The Pro Space allows you to access your personalized online store: the myShop. You configure the suppliers you want, whether or not they are part of the France Atelier manufacturers. Whether it is to buy your consumables or acquire equipment, you have only one point of entry for all your purchases and replenishments, your myShop!

All your orders are listed on your Pro Space. This gives you access to the history of your consumption. We also provide you with full traceability of your consumable purchases which allows you, in complete transparency, to track and identify the equipment purchased, when and by whom, to better manage your orders and above all to optimize your budget. Indeed, this management tool allows you to save up to 20% on your consumables!

Centralized and secure documents 

All your orders are listed on your Pro Space. This gives you access to the history of your consumption. Your invoices, your regulatory and mandatory documents inherent to your workshops but also your workshop equipment, your administrative documents, insurance, inspection reports, certificates of compliance, safety register … You have the possibility of centralizing everything to organize your daily and ensure quick and easy access to your data in complete security.

We also provide you with full traceability of all your documents necessary for the proper management of your workshop.

Control of your budget

You can ensure complete and real-time monitoring of your operations, purchases and accounting to avoid budget overruns. At the slightest problem, you receive an alert.

You will understand that the France Atelier use solution for the acquisition of your equipment is above all a reinforced control of your budget. You thus reduce your fixed assets which you transform into expenses, and you thus preserve your cash flow and your investment capacities.

Espace Pro gives you a global view of your monthly charges related to your France Atelier subscription for in-depth knowledge of your accounting. A + to establish your annual and forecast report.


the weight of the consumables

 The consumable represents between 8% and 11% of the weight of the annual turnover of a workshop


savings on your consumables

 Controlling consumable expenses (via professional space) can represent up to 20% savings

fine for non-compliance with the annual equipment check

Per employee and in the event of an accident, the head of the establishment, director, manager or employee, notwithstanding civil proceedings, may see his criminal liability called into question with penalties of up to 5 years’ imprisonment and 75,000 euros fine


Safety first ! Our leasing solution also includes maintenance, regulatory checks and updates for all your equipment. You ensure the safety of your employees and yours thanks to a safe and efficient working environment. Benefit from regular regulatory checks to stay in compliance with current standards and limit the risk of accidents.

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